Friday, January 30, 2009

GPotato + Ntreev Improving?

Okay well, After 4 years, I came back to GPotato on January 18th, 2009 to play the game Tales Runner. Tales Runner is a game that uses Cutesy characters to race. Using GPotatos gives you extra EXP + TR, so it's not really demanding. The Couple System also gives you exp depending on the ring you wear. GPotato do I say it? Sucky, Money-sucking, Laggy worth of crap company, that no one seems to care about. Especially with FlyFF.
Take a Gander at it, FOUR YEARS LATER. Their prices have really lowered, they hosted a game I've never seen before (TalesRunner), and are soon to host the game I've played in the Singapore Ver. Luna Online! GPotato has really pulled it off since FlyFF days. Shot Online was moved to a different company, which I thought was pretty good.
GPotato isn't the only one improving, Ntreev is too. I've been a customer for...hmm...almost 3 years. It used to have very slow updates, and events were too time consuming. It was the life till MyShop came. Leaving all the Veterns to leave. I'm not leaving this time, but I won't be playing it as much. Ntreev is DETERMINED. Not to leave Grand Chase like Nexon JP left Grand Chase, closed. Same goes for Trickster! Go Get them Ntreev! For once I believe in you~!

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