Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Video Progress~

Well, I've been doing tons of schoolwork, that I've barely been able to work with videos with Raven.

The Following Videos that will be made are:

- SC Heroes - PangYa Ver. [Currently at: 15%]
- [Comparison] - JP Lunia Dacy vs Chiyo of Azumanga Daioh [Currently at: 0%]
- jTO updates ^^;
- Friends4Ever - PangYa [Currently at: 0%]

The Discontinued Projects [That may/may not be continued] are:
- PvP Unfairness II - Raven's Rants
[Reason]: Didn't feel the need for it.

- Iminlikewithyou Randomness I
[Reason]: Pamela's Recorded Audio never matched, therefore making clips useless.

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