Friday, January 30, 2009

Charging For Trickster?

Lately, I've been charging on games, but instead of using Credit Cards, I use Game Cards from MANY different Game Companies. The one I've charged on the most so far is Ntreev, trying to build up my characters on Grand Chase, and Grand Chase Only. Now Granted, I've charged a few times with Nexon, so Ntreev + Nexon are at an equal basis here, and..since I'm not playing Mabinogi for awhile, Nexon Cash is useless to me. Though, what made me bring this up was the fact that if you do not charge in a year @ Nexon, your points are dumped. No seriously, it's back to 0. Seeing that made me go: "Screw you Nexon, you lost most of my respect." Granted, I only have 800 Points (Possibly 0) on my Nexon account now. That's still pretty messed up, considering some people quit.
Ehh...I'm getting Off Topic. Anyways, I've already charged so much for Ntreev, I'm kind of starting them. I mean sure, the community sucks, and always sucks up to the Game Masters. I can easily deal with that, since well, I'm not really into GMs. Maybe I'll fool around and go "Haiii Loki~!" or such, but I usually ask them about Technical Problems or Game History. Anyways, since I'm inching torwards the point where I don't need to charge for Grand Chase, I've decided to start charging for Trickster Online as well. After all, I can afford them now with the Game Cards. So usually, I'll go 60/40 with Grand Chase & Trickster. If I really need something for my Character on Trickster, it'll topple up to 80/20. Then later on settle to 50/50. Splitting Points will be hard, since you won't need much on Grand Chase as you do on Trickster.

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