Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm not a Hacker!

Okay, my friend brought up a really good discussion, even if I am pissed at him. Lately, every game that I'm actually good at and I beat people in, I am automatically called a "Hacker." Excuse me? You don't even know the TERM hacker. You think I'M a hacker yet you haven't checked out Albatross? No, you know what, forget Albatross. That place is swarming. I don't care whether you are JOKING or not. Do not call me a hacker for gods sake. Especially TalesRunner! How the HECK do you hack in that game?! They DETECT IT. No matter how sucky GameGuard is, they DETECT IT. They block you for 10mins or more. Get the Ideas? I'm actually glad he brought up the thing.

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