Friday, March 13, 2009

Wha-!? Grand Chase - Southeast Asia?! Closing!?

Dear Elites,

We are sad and devastated to have to bring to you a piece of bad news. GrandChaseSEA will no longer be with us with effect from 14th April 2009 as the contract with the developer has ended.

However, we recognize and thank you for supporting us feverously throughout the past year unconditionally. We have prepared a series of updates and rewards to excite you with before the final day of farewell dawns upon us.

What you can expect during this period of time:
1) Cash items can be bought with Virtual Cash.
2) Redemption of GrandChaseSEA’s premium.
3) In-game goodies give-away from GetampedSEA & MapleSEA

Once again, we thank you for your support all this while. Let’s all commemorate the time we have spent together in GrandChaseSEA!

- GrandChaseSEA Administrator
Whoa whoa whoa WHAT!? We got SEA coming to North American Grand Chase?! Well it was fun, Hope to see you around..SEA Players.

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