Saturday, March 21, 2009

Digimon World - Dusk [Teammates]

Name - Deishii (Crescemon)

Now, this little fella' has been my balance the whole entire time throughout the game. It took awhile for me to get to Crescemon, but I swear to god this little buddy is like a freakin' 1HKO Massacre. It's really handy with it's moves 'Healing Spring' and 'Lunatic Dance', and for a finisher it's either 'Soulful Kick' or 'Ice Blast'. If that doesn't work then 'RagingDarkness' does the job.

Name - Runia(Lillymon)

Watch out! Runia's my killer! With her all mighty flower cannon, she stayed at Togamon for about a day, then I started boosting up her insect exp when she was at max level. Now she's up and at them and ready to kill kill kill! :D

Name - Miracle (Mozaemon)


Yep, this blog post is about my partners in crime from Digimon World: Dusk! I guess I'll start off with the mains.

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