Wednesday, March 4, 2009

KGC: 4th Xenia Dungeon + Lire Skill Tree|BGC: Jin|Other: Laptop :/

Let's start off with a new post for March! Let's go with Korean Grand Chase first.

Lire Skill Tree - Lire finally gets her skill tree after all this time. If you remember the little GC Trailer, her 3rd move is basically a look alike.
Picture from
Video Thanks to: FilipeAkio

4th Xenia Dungeon - The 4th Xenia Dungeon has arrived with the Skill Tree. Bringing out more monsters, alot of new cutscenes, with Jin finally featured.
Picture Credits -
Video Credits - SuyasiKitsune

Laptop -
I said I wouldn't tell you, but I'll tell you now. Laptop died, AGAIN. So I can only update this from other people, I'm using my desktop computer at the moment >_<;;

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