Saturday, March 21, 2009

Games I plan on getting in the Future...

So yeah. I didn't really play my DS so much till last month. I was actually happy about it too. Though, these aren't the ONLY games I want, but probably Top ones.

Pokemon: Platinum

Yeah...The 3rd edition to the Diamond and Pearl Series. Like Pokemon Red, Blue, and then Yellow. It's different at the start, instead of going to the lake, your partner wants to be an idiot and ram into the grass LOL. Then, it's based in the winter, so NEW SUITS WOOT! X3

Digimon World: Dusk

This is the Light Fang ver. of Dusk. Instead of playing as team Night Fang, you will adventure as a player in the team of Light Fang. (Read the Blog Post talking about Dusk)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Time

This is the um..second version of MD, like Red Rescue Team + Blue Rescue Team, but for the same system(As red rescue + blue rescue were for seperate systems, I think.) Instead of landing in the grasslands, you're washed up on the shore, and suffering from amnesia. You basically go on the same adventure as the first one.

Megaman Starforce: Dragon/Leo/Pegasus

These are basically the same game, but each take place in a different part of the story. The Dragon version is exclusive to North America, while the Pegasus was in United Kingdom. Leo can be obtained basically in Japan, Europe, NA, & Austrailia. What ticked me off is that Pegasus is only in the UNITED KINGDOM. DARN IT! Unless...I may find it at GameStop next time, because it's probably there >_>;;; (Notice how Megaman changed over the years!) Poor Mega Man! xD, He used to be this cute little Chibi Blue Dude,Then he went to short air, and now look! He has freakin' spikes coming out of him. Please don't tell me he has a Moehawk >_>;;; ...DANG IT HE HAS A MOEHAWK!

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