Friday, March 20, 2009

So...2 New DS Games (not really new)

So...yeah, I went to go get a haircut, and along that I bought two new games for my DS. Yeah, they aren't new, but for me they are xD. I guess I should go down the list of them while I am at it.

Digimon World: Dusk

Now before you say: "OH THIS IS A TOTAL KNOCKOFF OF POKEMON!" ...Somewhat. It's not really. The effects do not stay on after battle. At first, you have 4 packs to choose one, each coming with Lunamon, and 2 others. Your digimon start off at the Lv30~ Range, but, when the Digiworld corrupts only your Lunamon will stay at it's level, while the rest are Lv1 and are Rookies. Your rival is the other group Light Fang, while you are in Night Crow (it's vice versa in the Dawn ver.)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Darkness

I was planning to get this game on first release, but we couldn't go to the store at that time. It's basically a sequal to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team. I'm playing as Turtwig (This was retarded, my Aura was pink. =|) named Jenny, while my partner is a Chimchar named Cliff! XD.

Maybe next time I'll get Dawn + Explorers of Time. Then the next time possibly MEGAMAN >3

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