Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dobutso No Mori[Animal Crossing] - The Movie

So yeah around 9:00PM to 11:30PM, I was watching the movie Dobutso no Mori 「ドブツォノモリ」  which in Japanese, is "Animal Crossing - The Movie". It's a very cute movie if you like Animal Crossing, or have seen it before. This movie was never released in America, so you'd have to look for the JP Version with Subtitles on Youtube. The movie starts out acting a bit like the Gamecube Version of Animal Crossing, and acts more like Animal Crossing: Wild World, since there is a Taxi, instead of a Train. You may start hearing the Theme from the Main Screen of Wild World, and when you explore the town in AC:WW, you'll start to hear it too. The girl's name is Ai, and yes, since Japan came first, the names were changed in our version. Sally is Meggie, Futo is Blathers, Fuka? is Celeste. Apollo keeps his name, and Bianca is Whitney? or however you spell it. Mr. Resetti is Mr. Reset, but otherwise the movie does have some sad parts into it.

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