Friday, March 13, 2009

Trickster Online - Patch Notes #2.38.4

2.38.4 Patch Notes 

2.38.4 Patch Notes

Game Updates

1] Tombeth boss path has been upgraded! New mazes, puzzles and quests awaits you!

2] Butler of Vamp Castle is in Megalopolis to upgrade the event items from Valentines Quest! He won't be around forever!

3] Wear something green Tricksters! New St. Patrick's Day Quest remixed from 08 has been added! It now features doubled XP bonuses and brand new Lost Freesia pet as a reward!

4] Coming from the far east, experience the White Day quest and say thanks to all the chocolates you've received on Valentine's Day!

5] Singha's origin quest is now available for all Singha pet owners! Find out the Singha's prologue and enjoy the bonus accessory!

6] A new login background featuring Patricia Shamrock has been added.

Game Adjustments

1] All Galder Checks can no longer be dropped.

2] Certain Abyss equipment's stats have been corrected. If you have the incorrect version, you'll receive a corrected version soon.

3] Fairy Fiorina T1 ~ T3 & Curea T1 ~ T3 can now be properly upgraded. My Shop Updates

1] Peridot, Jade, and Emerald Lucky Boxes have been added to My Shop. These boxes are available in level 40, 90, and 140! These boxes will be available until 03/25! 

2] Shamrock Boxes featuring the adorable Guiness is on sale again until 03/25!

2] New Secret Scrolls are available on My Shop! These are available for personal, party, and specific types!

4] Robo Box Ver. Bs sale have been exteded until 03/25 due to popular demand!

5] Super Gacha Coin sale has been extended until 03/25 due to popular demand!

Gacha Updates

1] Lycan is out of retirement and back for your nostalgia! Check out the 'Vintange Town' in gacha! Want to see older previous towns return? Please let your voice be heard on our suggestion section of our forum!


1] Poppuri Drilling Event IV Stage 7 prizes have been distributed.

2] Bonus Gacha Coin prizes have been distributed to the qualifying accounts.

3] Spring on Caballa/New Resident Bonuses event prizes have been distributed to the qualifying accounts. We'll announce and distribute 50 players for 5 Gacha Coins in the near future. 

-- Trickster Online Revolution Team

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