Saturday, March 21, 2009

Digimon World - Dusk [Relief Digimon]

Part 2!Relief Digimon

Name - Niss (Kyuubimon)

When Rin is in bad shape, Niss is able to jump out and help, even at a low level. Niss' strongest move is 'FoxTailInferno', which sadly, doesn't do alot of Damage, but is able to become a finishing move whenever Rin is about to faint. She is also very stable when it comes to staying alive.

Name - Rin(Aquilamon)

Rin may be the strongest of the reliefs, but has a bad sense of attacks. Rin can attack very well, but staying alive is her weakness. It's hard when they start to gang up on her because she's a bird type. It's more annoying when I have to save her at the last minute.

Name - Tori (Gargomon)

The newest to the Reliefs, but fairly weak because she just digivolved. Tori is able to stay alive also, and she's just in Champion Form. I am hoping to get her to Rapidmon, and hopefully K.O. the rest of them baddies~ :D

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