Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grand Chase Patch Notes

Grand Chase Patch Notes

North American Grand Chase is celebrating its first anniversary! 
Congratulations to Thetis2810 for designing the winning loading screen! 
Inside dungeons, Elena will periodically fly overhead and drop present boxes with power-ups inside. 
The Park has been redecorated to celebrate, complete with fireworks! 
Feeling lucky? 
There are 7 "Lucky Days" for checking attendance between now and the end of the month. 
Although which days are lucky is unknown, it is the same for all players. 
If you check attendance during a lucky day, you will receive GC Club (3 Days), random party masks (3 Days), and an Anniversary Accessory (30 Days). 
If you check attendance on 5 or more lucky days, you will receive a permanent Anniversary Accessory and permanent Gold Party Mask after the event ends. 
What birthday would be complete without cake? Festive cake "potions" are distributed when you log in during the event! 
If you check attendance every day until the end of the month, you will receive: Gacha Coins (10), Queen's Jewel (10 Days), Imperial Armor Set (30 Days). 
All week long, dungeon days are back! Stats and drop rates in dungeons are increased by 10% and continent boxes may be found in all difficulty levels! 
A new team PvP mode "Smashing Jack" (short for Jack-in-the-box) has been temporarily added during the event.
This mode is similar to the Smashing Pumpkins/Smashing Snowmen mode from previous holidays. 
This mode can only be played on Elven Forest. 
The winning team may receive cake. 
Savior is coming! 
Play as Elesis for a 50% EXP boost. 
Receive the Savior's Weapon Mission when you log in during the event. 
Complete this mission to receive a 14-day timed accessory modeled after the Savior's weapons wearable by all characters. 
Until March 24th, Power-Up packages for Spearman and Sword Master will be sold in the Academy tab to prepare you for Savior! 

Special St. Patrick's Day-themed equipment sets have been added to the cash shop for all characters!
The set has level 15 stats and includes Helm, Upper Armor, Lower Armor, Gloves, and Shoes.
A cape is available, but is sold separately from the set.
There are no weapons available in this set.
These sets will only be on sale for a limited time!
Special Power-Up Packages for Spearman and Sword Master are on sale in the Academy tab until March 24th. 

Updated login screen graphics. 
Amy items have been added to the "continent" treasure boxes. 
Corrected glitches in the shop and PvP rooms. 

--Grand Chase Team

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