Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good-Bye Pangya~

As of March 10th, Albatross18 will shut down it's service, and the only games that will be left will be: Rumble Fighter, LaTale, & Cabal Online. I've been telling people this would happen, Sweatdrop said it too, so I'm not even gonna bother telling them anything anymore about PangYa. I specifically TOLD THEM THIS. Ah well, good bye pangya....your times will be treasured. I just wanna say Thanks OGP. You made me have new friends, I will have to find my friend Levanah, but then it'll all be good when I do find him. OGPlanet, I will not be using your services for now. I will migrate to GOA or if you can fix up the Lag I'll be GLAD to come back to LaTale.

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