Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ntreev USA, Please get moving!

As most of you know, NtreevUSA hosts 2 seperate games. Ntreev's Trickster Online and Ntreev's Grand Chase - Season 2[Join the Chase, Save the World!], but for those Trickster/Grand Chase addicts like me, we all know it's been unbalanced for quite awhile. Apparently, OGPlanet will be giving Albatross18 to NtreevUSA in order to keep Alba rolling and most players will be able to return to this game, and Ntreev will also get more services. However, As I stated before, the game has been really unbalanced with MyShop and more. Though hopefully our Accounts will be moved, I cannot count on it. Ntreev will need to get it's ball moving, in order to maintain a Third game on it's accord. I am predicting that they will follow Korea's Path from there on out, and for now I will be moving to Ntreev once again. You've known me as SyphirasNocturne, SyphKat and even lil'Sheep. But you'll now know me as !(<3)Dacy(rose)! Please balance everything Ntreev, we are all counting on you!

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