Saturday, February 7, 2009

ES FOAR LEAGUE -shot- S4 League XD

Yeppoz, doing another page 1/2 with another game! -jkjk- No seriously though, I'm going to be talking about S4 League on this post.
Wut ish S4 League?
S4 League is an Online 3-Person Shooter Game. You rely on Skill, Teamwork, and NO LAG -shot-. Seriously though, it's a pretty good game. I did try it out once, but I lagged so bad...I couldn't even move ;x;. Hopefully I'll be able to try this out again one day~!

I managed to use some S4 League pics of my friends gameplay [shhh~(゜Д゜)!]
[Coming Soon o3o]
Videos~ [GG CLIFF LOL]

No seriously, Cliff if you're reading this...
*gasp* TheinmademedothissoIdecidedtodoitcuzI'mawesomelikethat LOL

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