Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shadow Poppuricia?

Okay so, I was checking today. We're not on Stage 6. Or 7. What are we on? 5! Yes. 5. And they want us to do a freakin' Stage 8? Hello!? We have people grinding and crap! Not many are gonna keep drilling any longer. Ntreev did something good by raising the level requirement, but the box rareness pissed me off. I won't be able to get 500 Boxes now (I have 121). So, I won't get a Pendant or a Hat. I'll still be drilling, Screw Febuary Attendance for GC. I'll do march. I'm waiting for Muse anyways. So...GG Ntreev. Though on the other hand, maybe I'll make a Trickster related Story featuring the Pet. Make her a evil pet or something.

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