Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sonic & The Black Knight.

-- Fun Facts --
In Romaji it is known as: Sonikku to Ankoku no Kishi
In Hiragana it is known as ソニックと暗黒の騎士
(Provided some Info, more is caught off from teh Wikiz o3o)

If you favor King Arthur or Sir Gawain stories, then you'd possibly like this game. This sonic game is based on the old days including this featuring 3 characters that come out, and some of your old pals. Again, Sonic is the main character but there are side characters that can be unlocked to play as.

The Following Characters will appear in this game:
- Sonic (of course LOL)
- Shadow the Hedgehog will star as Sir Lancelot in this game.
- Merlina is a new character in this game. She modelizes the magician, Merlin from the Arthurian Legend.
- Caliburn, I think, is Sonic's "Talking Sword." knocking off Excalibur from the legend.
- The Black Knight is a new character starring as King Arthur
- Tails, Yes Tails, will be featuring in this game, but only as a Blacksmith.
- Knuckles the Echinda will star as Sir Gawain in this game.
- If you remember Silver the Hedgehog, then yes he will star in this game as well! Known as a Knight.
- Blaze the Cat will also star in this game but as Percival from the Arthurian Legend.
...This is what caught me -w-;;
- Amy Rose will star as the "Lady of the Lake." (WTF....) So...look out for that.
In Japan; The Game will be released - 3/12/09
In North America; The Game will be released - 3/3/09
In Europe; The Game will be released - 3/13/09
In Australia; The Game will be Released - 3/31/09
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