Sunday, February 15, 2009

In my Opinion - Top 5 Items - Advanced

#1 - GC Club
What's it do?: It's a pretty nifty thing, it was sold in like 3 patches and is given out for most event awards. It is also given out as a Quest Reward. It's not equippable, so you automatically have it on!
Statistics: Puts your Room to the Top, like a VIP. You can expel people Unlimited Amounts of Times, Unlimited Chat Color Change(All Colors Available). +25% Exp/GP, Dungeon Stats + 10% AND Unlimited Paint Effect.

#2 - GC Star
What's it do?: It passes +30 to all Stats [Strength, Defense, + Vitality] And was sold before Xmas!

#3 - 2008 Festival Winter Sets
What's it do?: It was sold during Christmas, and this was limited edition for ALL characters. It was a set for Lv25+, with Lv30 Stats like Luna's Set! You'd have a godly set that could last you for another 15~30 Levels if you change sets often or rarely.

#4 - Warrior Equipment
What's it do?: It increases Vitality, Defense, AND ATTACK. It's not even an accessory! It's a very rare weapon that is given out in quests. I don't think there has been a permanent equipment (unless you stack +1000days like some people have in the Knights of Charity Event.)

#5 - The Pet, Havoc
What's it do?: Havoc, was a Special Gacha pet in NAGC, but also know as Cerberus in many other Grand Chase versions. This pet, is like Ice Pixie + Pepe. You can get out of their I've heard, but Havoc keeps you there. Completely immobile until you find a way to Counter-Attack it or someone kills you/hits you. Kind of neat if you ask me.

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