Friday, February 13, 2009

Ntreev - Do some Changes

I know alot of people are wanting Albatross18 to change, since OGPlanet didn't really follow the path of Korean PangYa. So, I'll give some Ideas that Ntreev USA could add.

1. Ability to Sell eCards
In Korea, players have the ability to sell eCard rares they don't either want or need. They usually sell them if players are in need of extra cash. It's similar to the Boxing Event, except you get Pang, and instead of trading for the SAME eCard, you can obtain a different.
- You are able to Sell Clubsets
- You are able to Sell Suits such as SSAF or Swimsuits.
- You cannot sell Rings [I.E.: Crimson Ring]
- Prices are Subjected to Change, ALOT.

2. Increase the eCard Rate [Slightly.]
This was a big error in PangYa. The Rares were soo freakin...RARE! Like...Not even regularly rare, you'd spend tons and tons of money, like Gacha, but Trickster and Grand Chase can give good stuff very easily. However, PangYa's Rares you got in a pack, otherwise you'd get useless crap.

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