Sunday, February 8, 2009

Petition! - Unblock North America!

I was talking with some of my Guildies from the Guild, Synergy. Apparently they lifted the IP Bans, but they did a very smart loophole. Only OTHER servers can come to North America. We're still locked out. There are very few Pros and lots of Cons that I wish to list.

1.Players from Philippines that were blocked off in October 2008, can now play with us again. Meaning they don't have to deal with an all quiet community.
2. Old Friends are Reunited. They don't need to hide with an IP Bypasser anymore.

1. If anyone remembers the incident where the Singapore players raided and lagged us to death? Yeah. It's back.
2. We cannot access other servers.
3. It's going to be quite hard telling which ones are from America and which ones are not.

On top of that, Firest ([FOA]Firest) has made a petition in the Brazilian Grand Chase forums. I really hope that thing gets signed, I want to visit my old brazilian friends again ^^.

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