Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Patch Notes

Grand Chase Patch Notes

  • Couple's system has been added!
    • To form a couple, you must purchase a ring from the shop (GP or Cash).
    • When you have a ring, right click your intended in the Park to propose.
    • Couple's items may only be worn by couples.
    • Couple's items are shared and can be used at the same time, and may be freely equipped/unequipped (except rings)
    • If a couple breaks up, any purchased items are given back to the original purchaser (rings break).
    • When you form a couple, a new couple's section is added to your GC Messenger (Friend's List).
    • The length of time you've been together will be shown at the bottom of the screen, with special prizes after certain times!
    • Different rings have different benefits, but all effects are only given when you play with your partner!
    • If you get close to your partner in the Park or during a game you'll see an effect, based on your ring's level
    • A special heart icon will show your partner in PvP/Dungeon lobbies.
  • In anticipation of Muse, Amy will receive 50% more EXP/GP for one week.
  • Valentine's Day event has been added!
    • Knights who raise their Heart Necklace(s) to a high enough level will receive prizes.
      • Level 7: GC Club (3 days), 1 Gacha Coin, Guardian Knight's Mantle (5 days)
      • Level 8: GC Club (6 days), 3 Gacha Coins, Guardian Knight's Mantle (10 days)
      • Level 9: GC Club (10 days), 5 Gacha Coins, Guardian Knight's Mantle (15 days)
    • Prizes are given out based on the level the necklace is at when the event ends, tiers do not stack.
    • Each necklace that satisfies the requirements will be rewarded accordingly.
    • Participate in PvP and Dungeons to find Valentine's Day Chocolates
    • Chocolates can be given to your favorite character in the Park.
    • Click on the character statue in the Park to give your chocolates.
    • After a week, the character who received the most chocolates will start a special bonus. There's a different bonus depending on which character wins!
    • Special choco items will be sold in the shop for a limited time.
    • A Box of Chocolates will be given for every attendance check for the next week.
    • Each box contains 5 chocolates that can be used as "potions" in Dungeons.
    • Two players wearing a choco bracelet near each other will see a special effect!

  • Heart Necklace has been released for all characters!
  • Gold and White Gold Couple's Ring Sets are being sold for Cash in the Couple shop.
  • Blue and Pink PJ sets are being sold in the Couple shop.
  • To help earn Amy a little cheaper, three special mission packages are being sold in the Academy.
  • Pepe and Sidt 1st Job Gacha weapons are being sold for all characters in the VIP Shop.
  • Pepe and Sidt armor sets are being sold for Lass, Ryan, Ronan and Amy in the VIP Shop.
  • For a limited time only, permanent choco weapons will be sold in the weapon shop.
  • For a limited time only, permanent choco bracelets will be sold in the accessory shop.

  • Simple Gold and Simple White Gold Pair Rings are being sold for GP in the Couple shop.

  • Grand Champion set stats have been adjusted to match Black Champion set stats.
  • Grand Champion Mantle has been distributed to all qualifying accounts who did not receive it initially last week.
  • Pet Item and Pet Shop tabs have been consolidated into one "Pet Shop" tab to make room for "Couple" tab.

--Grand Chase Team

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