Sunday, February 1, 2009

Episode 1 For the Lulz.

This got me mad AND yet I had a bunch of help on this part. So my sheep is currently at 56/53 at the moment. But, this just got me started. First of all I met up with a good friend of mine that wasn't on my friends list, but on my MSN list. Katie! So we started with the Tea!

What ticked me off was when we were hunting Bell Clusters, Harkon Ornaments, and a Harkon Necklace for 3~4 Hours. Oh the Irony, Oh the Rareness, Oh the....Annoying CROWS CLAWS.

30 Minutes Later Katie got the 2nd Cluster. We decided that when Katie got 40 Heirlooms and I got 20, we'd open them up to see what would happen. Lawd.

Katie got some things, but no Ornaments, 2 necklaces instead LOL.

Then we dirtied up the place :3
Now I must level up to 80! *o*

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