Monday, July 20, 2009

The Battle is Over... [Anime - Bokurano]

Yep, I finally finished Bokurano, and I have to say, It was a pretty good Anime. It doesn't revolve around all Mecha, but around the lives of 15 Kids who had saved the world from destruction, all because they were tricked into thinking it was a game. In the end, it was pretty sad, it made me cry, but....

I reccomend this Anime to anyone who plans on WATCHING anime like this.

This isn't all that's up. My Childhood Anime is up next! That's right! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi-Freakin-oh! I will be watching all series (English + Jap, to see how bad 4Kids...4Kids'd it), except 5D's. However, I'll be watching the subbed version first.

-Hums theme song lulz-

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