Thursday, July 2, 2009

Six Days till Season 4~

It's coming to that time. Season 4 will be coming in six days, but I have some ideas on what NTreev's going to do to somehow mess this up.

Card System -

The Newest Card System Demo - By: Sweatdrop

The card system(*1) is a system that allows you to upgrade equipments with certain statistics, either Timed or Permanent. The effects could range from +1 Power to Raising Pixels on a PangYa Bar. Sweatdrop mentioned PangYaKR recently adding "Card Vials" which have a chance of removing the card and keeping it to sell certain things. The Cards come in three types: Characters, which update your stats, Caddie: Which upgrades Gameplay, and Special: Which can give something like...2x EXP or somethin. The supposily "Most Expensive" Card in PangYaKR is Card #30: Cadie, which Ups your PangYa bar by 2 permanently.

The only disadvantage is that without the card vials, the cards will NOT transfer to different outfits unless the vial removes it first. The Vials have a success rate, so it could be like Refining from Trickster Online or Necklace Upgrading on Grand Chase.

Card Packs in PangYaKR can be purchased for 15 Cookies for 3 cards, and contain stuff like Cadie's cards. You can also earn packs using the Treasure Point System, but you can't guarantee a good card from it.

What I'm worried about here is they'll nerf the cards and make it timed or some crap like that.

Motion Items -

The Newest Motion Item - By: Sweatdrop

The Following Characters have Motion Items - Azer, Arin, Max, Nuri, Hana, Kaz, and Cecilia. These give some new motions to the characters (Obviously.) They all cost 49 Cookies in PangYaKR, and so far Azer is the only one who has his in the shop.

It's nothing really big, they also add stats so it's not virtually useless.

Lucia -

A Video of Lucia - By: Sweatdrop

Ah, Yes. Lucia, the new character. To some Ntreev players, Lucia could act like Amy from Grand Chase, or the Cat from Trickster Online (More Specifically, Rosemary to some people). As most of us know, NTreev screwed up Scratchy Card, leaving us to go to a retarded mix up. Now, Lucia in the shop usually started out with Only Pang Clothing, costing 35,000 Pang to unlock her. However, This is NTreevUSA we're talking about, so they'll probably spam the shop with premium items faster than you can say "OGPlanet is a mentally retarded company."

Design-A-TShirt System -

Self-Design - By: not6056

This system is kind of nifty for Guilds who want to create a shirt. However, it is said that it costs Cookies to design a shirt, and you can buy the shirts and skirts/pants in the shop. People suggest making the design on paint first, then working on the shirt ingame. I'm expecting NTreev to make some money out of this. You can also sell the shirts by copying the design onto pangs.


*1 = That is Sweatdrop's PangYaKR Guide.

There's much more to cover, but I think those are the main things on my mind. So, I'll get back to you on that. This is my response to it.

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