Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let's take this from the top... [Trickster & PangYa]

So...PangYa! I got 50k Pang from Tourneying and playing tons with my comets and such, and I finally got my Lucia her skirt and such, and I couldn't get it yesterday since I went to a barbecue at my brother's (Yay Fajitas! *O*)
I got 10k Pang Left, but it's worth it. ;n;
So yeah! For about the 20th time, I'm returning to Trickster, but that's because I finally got my account back due to a problem with Athena's account, so they transferred her PangYa account to a seperate account NTreev made. How nice can they get?
By the way, I. HATE. BEING. 1432.
But, then again I like it too...
...I need to post my LaTale Review soon, It's still stuck as a draft, lol

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