Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LaTale Progress - 7/14/09

So besides MizumiTearz, my friend gave me her account with her wizard the other day and I've been working on it ever since. She and a friend of hers also helped me with the Scenario Quest of Shaowee, and my XFire boosted up to 33 hours this week on LaTale. I plan on working on Mizumi when I have the time, but I wanna work on BlackestMoon as well. She will be going Bard, and possibly staying fire. I guess my Wizard on my original account is going to be a Water Sorcerer, or possibly another bard.
...But, that can wait. Amy made a guild called WildFlower with the help of our old guildies: Kiriel145, AceMP2, and Raven rejoined LaTale and joined as "Kokoeru", an explorer. I think that's all for my blog post today, but if something comes up I'll post about it.
--Non-LaTale related--
On PangYa, I finally got Kooh's Swimsuit!
Yaaay Cuteness! *o*

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