Monday, July 13, 2009

LaTale OST - Part III

LaTale has added some new content, so we all know new music will be heard throughout the game meaning I will need to get back into creating more files for the music. Since I have the time and it's summer, usually any new content will come with music and I'll be creating .rar files to deal with it. This Pack will also come with the song that was played in the Japanese LaTale Trailer, so far there isn't a name for it, so I'll just call it "Welcome to LaTale!" and it is rumored to be made by ESTi as well, but for now it is unknown. However, alot of the music isn't just made from ESTi, it could've been made by DiNY or iNID, the others who worked on the LaTale OST.

- Post Content:
Tracks #77~93 have been made into a seperate .rar file.
Tracks 34 and 37 have been replaced and put into a seperate .rar file.

I have yet to find the music that was used in the Mecha Empire Trailer(the remixed ver anyways), I'm sorry.

Tracks 77~93:
Replaced OSTs: OST.rar.html

The Parts - [Introduction]|[OST Download #1]
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