Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Broadcasting: OPEN!

After finally getting it to work correctly, my Broadcasting Channel is now up and ready. I've tested it awhile back, but since I had to recover my computer, I didn't bother doing it again. I won't be able to broadcast me playing the PS2 or anything, since..eh...my Webcam is auto-installed into the computer. Anyways, I'll link to my channel ASAP, as I am still learning how to broadcast without the game freezing. (Freakin' Vista).

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Rio said...

You! I'm a big broadcasting fan and once you actually are broadcasting I'd like to watch a bit. However, unless you SO want to broadcast games via your own channel or just want to broadcast any console game, I probably know the best way of broadcasting. o-o
But it's for computer only, therefore hella simple to use, chat me if you wanna know more. .-.