Wednesday, July 8, 2009

These Items Won't Last Forever!

As previously announced, our summer items will be removed from the premieum shop for sale on 07/08! In addition, we are also going to be ending the sales on original launch celebration items! 
If you haven't gotten them yet, you still have chance while it lasts!
Items to be gone on 07/08!
*New for Summer! Items
Ic0n Set
Poppy Set
Detective Set
Classy Sailor Set
Jet Fighter Set
Bartoss Set
Aqua Set
Scarlet Demon Set
Runner's Package
Sun Rune Comet
Scarlet Rune Comet
Holy Air Knight Set
Blood Lord's Arsenal

*Pangya Launch Celebration Items!
Air Knight Utility Set
Green Earth
Golden Earth
-- Pangya Team


As shown, the Ulility set will be leaving the shop. I wasn't expecting it, but then again it can't be helped.

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