Saturday, July 4, 2009

Coming Soon~

So yeah, for the people who view this blog, I appreciate the motivation it's given to me. Makes me feel good, but for now that's not the point. I will be updating my blog a bit in a few days. Mostly for things that'll fit my taste, so you might see pictures instead of Links. I guess I'll update more about it later on, but I'll post what's coming up and what's new.

[What's new?]:

Website Related:

- Rio's blog is now available to look at. Please give him some advice and cheer him on!

[What I'm doing]:

- Working on a new banner; Grand Chase isn't much of my thing anymore.

- Working on Matching Colors; This site will need a theme later.

- PangYa Season 4 Posts, only 4 days away.

- Many things to add up onto the blog.


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