Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just a Mini-Rant..

I think alot of people are annoyed by this, but I'm just gonna say anything anyone could say.

Quit abusing the Japanese Language.

Now, if Japanese is your native tounge, and if you need to mix it so you can try making it understandable for you, then that's fine by me (Just like Spanish mixed with English!). However, if you're one of those dumbasses (not all) who like to overuse phrases like "Kawaii" or "Baka", then you better not cross my path.

Seriously, you sound like an uneducated Fangirl who has no idea what the hell they're saying. And also, for those who know that I know Japanese, better stop asking me to teach them. I'm not a tutor, I don't want to be a tutor, and I don't even know all of the Japanese Language. I swear to god I have to deal with crap like this with some of my "Fangirly" friends and I'm really sick of it.
Basically, in a nutshell. Learn the language, or shut the hell up. I mean sure, if you need help on learning how to say something, then go ahead and ask me.

...Just don't abuse it >.>
Flame me. Bash me. Whatever, I'm just speaking my heart out here.

1 comment:

Rio said...

True words mylady. .-.
I most likely dislike people who do that as well. As well as the fact my japanese is really worse, but I don't spam the basics I know. :>
Anyway, I totally agree to your opinion.