Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trickster Online - 7/16 Patch Notes

2.46.6 Patch Notes 

Game Updates

0] Fortune For Today is now available by Stella in Megalo. Check what your daily fortune is!

1] Now we provide Auto Teleport after finishing Party Quests. They are available only for field/dungeon Party Quests.

2] Find where Card Hunter is!

3] A New Discovery Event ? part 2

4] Kuusi Event ? Buy Kuusi Special Set or Kuusi Pet and receive Kuusi’s Biography instantly.

5] Refer a friend Event ? Refer a friend through our website to receive special prizes!

6] Level Up Event ? See how fast you can level up after making brand new character! Great prizes are ready!

7] Summer 3 Month Event ? Part 1 has started. Part 2 and Part 3 are also coming up for this summer!

Game Adjustments

1] Event Garden no longer allows normal skills or drilling to be used.

My Shop Updates

1] Queen Odinea Box & Princess Odinea Box are back for 3 weeks!

2] Reidentifier 2000 is back for 3 weeks!

3] Super Detection Scroll & Basic Detection Scroll are now available in myshop for drilling maniacs!

4] Kuusi Series are available in level 60/150 variants for 2 weeks!


1] Swimsuit Vinosh Event is over and prizes are distributed to players.

2] Double Egg Event is over.

3] My Shop Spending Event is over.

4] Comeback Event for inactive users is over.

5] Episode 4 Completion Event is over and prizes are distributed to players.

6] Prizes for 4G Lucky Event are distributed.

7] Prizes for Goodbye Special Gacha Event are distributed.

8] Prizes for Bonus Gacha Coin Event are distributed.


NTreev screwed up here. That pet, was supposed to be used for the Anniversary Event and not MyShop. -sigh-, but what can we say? It's NTreevUSA, not NTreevKR.

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